Luv a duck!

So where did we leave off, that's right, we welcomed Ryan and Frankie to the family. Well we have gotten bigger since then!

For a few weeks we have seen 3 ducks wandering around our property. They looked like they were dumped. I have searched all the lost pet sites and no luck. Then a week or so ago we saw the ducks were now 2. Worried for their welfare and noticing one had a limp we tried to get them into the paddock. After a fun filled hour we managed to get one of them in, who we named Smoke. She was the one with the limp. I checked out her leg, nothing broken or grazed and she was happy so we decided to keep an eye on her to see how she was and hope her friend came back to see her so they were not separated too long.

2 days later, in the pond we discover 2 new ducks, much smaller so about 6 months old maybe? They were small enough to fit through the fence so guessing that is how they got there.

People were saying be careful or word will get around the duck community that we are a great sanctuary, seems it did! We decided that if they stayed a few days we would name them. They did and now we also have Puddles and Poe.

Every day for at least a week when Rob went up to feed, well what was Frankie's meal but is now becoming many duckies meals, he would see Smoke's friend at the gate and he and Smoke chatting away. We tried to get him to come inside but it wasn't until 2 days ago that we were successful and since then, Smoke and the aptly named Shadow have been inseparable and both very happy.

So now, out of nowhere we have 5 ducks, 2 geese and 2 sheep all hanging out having a lovely time in the pond paddock. I just adore watching them all. They have their favourites to hang out with, but they all get along great and are very happy. And they are rust adorable!

Ask me a few months ago if I wanted ducks and I would have said no, now I just love them all!

So here is a not so great pic of most of 'The Family' as we call them. I shall try and get better pics later so you can see just how gorgeous they are.

Back row is - Lucy, Puddles, Poe and Frankie

On the Pond is - Shadow and Smoke.

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