A late update but we have had success with our Lucy issue and as a result we are the lucky owners of Frankie the Duck and Ryan the Goose (named after Ryan Gosling).

We were lucky enough to find someone who was looking to re home them the same day we started looking. Frankie and Ryan grew up together so we could not separate them of course!

Ryan is very protective of Frankie and gets very cranky if Frankie's food is not there first thing int he morning. VERY cranky. There have been bite marks, and they bruise!

I have been looking tonight into how to train your goose. Basically he is trying to tell us that he is the boss. No go goosy! I have learnt what to do and as of tomorrow I am the boss!

But don't get me wrong, they are very sweet and get along with Lucy and the sheep as you can see -

So all is going well in the main paddock.

This afternoon, 2 ducks that we have seen wandering around the pace the past few weeks were at the fence of the paddock. They were clearly pets, possibly dumped as people tend to do down here unfortunately. I have checked lost and found.

When we went to have a look at them one of them had a limp, poor little thing so we decided they needed shelter and to join the family and be looked after.

We got the injured one in but the other one was too tricky, they ran off. We know that it will come back for its friend, hopefully tomorrow. But for now the injured duck is safe, lonely on a crowd but safe.

I checked it's leg, no obvious trauma and it was not in pain when I touched it so hopefully it is just something simple but we will keep an eye on it. And lets hope the friend comes back and they can live happily with the others.

Here they are below, the one we have in the paddock is the one in the creek and the other is the patterned one on the side of the creek.

Let's hope it is a happy ending for these two.

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