Lucy's Dilemma

Today whilst walking around the paddock, Rob could not find our resident goose Lucy.

We inherited Lucy with the property. She apparently appeared near the pond about a year before we bought the house and made it her home. She is very happy there living with the sheep. The 3 of them are the best of mates.

So I went for a walk this afternoon and after a tip from Gaiman (one of the sheep_)who walked me over to the pond I found Lucy. There were a lot of feathers around and she was hiding in the bushes. She looked scared. There were blackberries around her so I thought maybe she was stuck.

I went to get Rob to see what to do. Rob lopped off a bit of blackberry and as he pulled it she moved to reveal a nest of beautiful eggs. The most gorgeous thing I have seen.

But now the problem. She does not have a mate. She will sit on these eggs and get sick from not feeding.

I asked a Poultry group on Facebook and got multiple replies with 2 options - half said to get rid of the eggs and get her a mate so she will have success in the future or swap them out for fertile eggs and see what happens.

I think we will go for option A. It will be better for her health and happiness in the long run. It breaks my heart though to hurt her like that but such is life on a farm I guess.

How gorgeous is this image. You make amazing eggs my gorgeous Lucy. <3

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