Creature Feature - Tasmanian Millipede

When we first arrived in Tas we were shocked to find many of these little black curly things in the house. We learnt from the lady up the road they are little millipedes and are seasonal (Autumn and Spring) and they get in everywhere!

So they are Tasmanian Millipedes or otherwise known as the Portuguese Millipedes.

They are usually about 4cm long and are apparently pests in Adelaide and Melbourne also. I have never seen them before let alone this many!

Interesting fact, they are only found in populated areas and have not been seen in undisturbed bush in Tasmania.

When frightened they curl up and this is how you mostly see them, then pick them up with a tissue and put them outside...

Of course I am sure they just scurry back in. They get in everywhere, they are not afraid of carpet or tiles, heights or animals.

Looking forward to another season of removing these from our home. </sarcasm>

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