A Winter's Day in Tassie

Looking out the kitchen window after a late breakfast there was a sun shower wetting the camellias and the grass, not to forget the sheep. The light made the reports of snow nearby seem far-fetched, but there were dark clouds around us and the chill outside left little doubt. A few minutes down the road the dark clouds broke over our heads with some thick drops I couldn’t tell if they were rain or snow.

I was following Sam down the Huon Highway on the quest for tyres. Not for either vehicle, for the garden. We’re going to cut them in half and use them as edging, you’ll see the results later. Sam put out a request online and soon had more offers for free tyres than we could possibly use, let alone actually pick up.

So we found ourselves driving to Longley, right where we’d heard there was snow. And it didn’t disappoint.

Following Sam down a single turn-off from the four-lane highway we found ourselves on a narrow road winding through the countryside, not long after that we were on a dirt road with bush on either side, broken up with fields dusted with snow.

Tyres that have been left outside a long while, in the snow even, get a bit of water and mud on them, and in them. It was snowing as we moved them from the pile to the cars. I’d never had snow fall on me before, it’s a soft touch, much lighter than rain. The tyres weren’t as light, but not as heavy as I thought they’d be.

They made a bit of a mess to the inside of the cars on the way home, but nothing serious. And soon these rubber tubes will be re-purposed to suit our purposes. In the meantime, we got another glimpse at a hidden corner of Tassie, and like so many others, it was beautiful.

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