Creature Feature - Long Nose Potteroo

My client and I were walking along Bellrieve Beach the other day and then we turned and walked back along the road path. As we were walking we saw these adorable creatures and I had no idea what they were. They were just running along the footpath and into the bushes. There was about 5 of them. I grabbed my camera so I could investigate.

See, cute! So it turns out we were looking at Long Nosed Potteroos. Not at all what I was expecting to see! Some info...

It is from the rat / kangaroo family (I did think rat at one point...) and looks like a bandicoot. They are found in Tas obviously and it says that they are rarely seen in the wild but if you want to see them, go down to the Esplanade beside the beach at Bellrieve.

It was very exciting!

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