5 interesting Tassie facts from me

Hello! Well it has been a while since I have updated this. Life went on a roller coaster but we are heading back up now so back to the updates!

Starting slowly, I thought I would give you 10 fun Tassie facts as summarised by me.

5. Car Rego - I finally changed over my rego. When you bring a car in you need to get an AIS check for your car but once you do that, that is it, no pink slip every year. Also, the rego includes Third Party insurance so every 6 or 12 months you just have 1 bill to pay at one place. Much easier! However - from some of the cars I have seen on the road, I think I would like a yearly check...

4. Home burning - something strange for me anyway, you can burn off on your property at anytime provided there is no fire ban. Coming from Sydney is is very strange! But we had our first attempt at a burn off the other day. We have an enormous amount of things that need burning, especially after the storm a few months ago and also, the nightmare that is blackberry brambles.

The first attempt was fine but needs work. We shall get there, doing well for newbies!

3. Some people are rude to mainlander newbies but I am sure it is not just a Tassie thing. Hubby bought a spunky new chainsaw, a good brand that will last us a long time and took it our for a whirl one some of the flood trees. Our neighbour came over and says 'ah it is almost like a chainsaw only smaller - if you need anything big cut up we have a chainsaw'. Gah! So many words her e but mainly if we needed a bigger one we would have got one, we don't buy what we don't need. Anyways he is off the Christmas card list and it is good to know he is a bit of a ... now so we don't waste time getting to know him and finding out later!

2. If you have a property, the wheelbarrow is the most important thing you will own, get 2! In saying that we still only have 1 but since we bought it a few weeks ago there has not been a day we have not relied on it! I think I may name it.

Ok so a lot of these are not really Tassie exclusive things but more things we are learning along the way.

1. I live in the most gorgeous place in the world! Every time I look out the window, drive into town, breathe the air, I just get the biggest happy that I am just in total paradise! Now THAT is an exclusive Tassie fact for you!

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