True Customer Service

I nearly died of a heart attack when I got this letter...

Dear Customer,

At TasNetworks we are committed to ensuring a safe and reliable supply of electricity to Tasmanian homes and businesses with minimal interruptions. Although we aim to keep you connected, interruptions to supply are sometimes unavoidable and may be caused by such things as vehicle accidents and inclement weather conditions. Because of this we cannot promise 100% reliability all of the time.

Our records indicate that we were recently unable to meet the guaranteed service level for reliability at your property. In accordance with the requirements of the guaranteed service level scheme we have enclosed a cheque for the amount prescribed.

Blah blah blah General Manager of Customer Engagement and Network Operations.

A cheque! They are paying me because we lost power for about 23 hours. How exciting! Imagine if all companies did this, when things didn't work, they said sorry and compensated you! I nearly died of shock when I read it!

So that was a lovely surprise this morning, but wait...then I actually looked at the cheque...$10? $15? come on it was only 23 hours, how much could it possible be for???

$160!!!!! WHAT! They gave us a cheque for $160 for a blackout that was out of their control!

I am never leaving Tasmania.

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