Finding a stairway

The previous owners were clearly not gardeners. Apparently it was mostly bush and they spent most of the time clearing it so we now have 3 paddocks and 1 bush land lot.

Beside the backyard fence there was a strange incline and after getting lots of debris off we found to our amazement - stairs.

There were some little trees that had just begun growing in and on the side of the stairs so today I removed them and replanted them elsewhere in the garden.

It was 11 degrees, apparently felt like 9, bright blue sunny sky and all I needed was a long sleeve tee as it was just gorgeous sitting out there gardening. So the little baby trees and shrubs will hopefully like their new homes and I am going to paint the steps I think, some nice bright colours. More to come...

On and while I was planting and clearing I came across a mushroom village! How cute is it!

One last cool pic from today is a tree stump that is just sitting outside but how gorgeous are these colours!

So I added the two pics above with some alternate colours to Red Bubble and they have worked out pretty well :) You can see the store here -

The tree stump looks super cool as leggins!

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