The Rooster Dumping Epidemic...

Yep, there is a rooster dumping epidemic in Tasmania. I am sure it is elsewhere as well but never really heard about it before.

As you drive down the Southern Outlet from Hobart to Kingston, you can see Roosters at the side of the road. Not just one or two, many. This is a statewide problem. Who knew!

People love the idea of backyard chickens for their eggs, but that is all done by the ladies, the guys are only good for making more chickens and letting you know when it is 4am (I dread to think what time the one next door starts in summer).

So breeders have too many guys. No one wants the guys, well some do but the amount of people giving away roosters on buy swap and sell sites for 'paddock or pot' is amazing.

What else do you do with the surplus then? You dump them apparently.

Now there are some awesome people who drive around rescuing dumped roosters and sometimes even hens including the stylish birds in the picture which was taken from a facebook rescue group.

Here is a link to a chat with a Roo Rescuer in Northern Tassie. Yes that reads right, 60 chickens found dumped just in Launceston in 3 days. Crazy! And you thought my word epidemic was too much.

I would love to be a Roo rescuer but we don't have the set up at the moment and to be honest, a lot of roo rescuers use them for pot and I could not do that for many reasons.

There was a chicken amnesty this weekend I think down south where you could take your unwanted chickens, but you know that people will still dump them this weekend instead of taking them to the amnesty. Stoopid people!

Don't dump your chickens people.

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