Yes, we know Tassie is cold, thanks, but...

One of the many things people said to us first when we told them that we were moving was, 'oh it's cold there, hope you like the cold' etc. Yep, it is cold in Tasmania, and yes we knew that before we came here.

Now we are here, one of the first things people as after where are you from is, 'how's the cold for you, it is not even cold yet' etc. Yep, the cold is fine thanks and yes, the whole winter just starting did alert me to the fact that it is not yet as cold as it will get.

And people are stunned we moved to a cold state - but here are 2 things I would like to bring up.

Firstly - It may be cold here, but it is not cold and dreary. In fact that could not be further from the truth. I was talking about this to someone the other day. People don't realise the gorgeous sunny days we have here. It is just glorious! Yes it rains but the sun is out most of the time to be honest and it is just...can I use the word gorgeous again?? We are not in a fog prone area and yes there are some but seriously people, it is cold and sunny and was 14 yesterday and had to take my jumper off gardening in the sun!

Also - people live in cold places!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scandinavia, Europe, Canada, NEW YORK! Many people love living there and it gets a hell of a lot colder than Tassie. I don't get what is so weird about moving to here, do people move to Vancouver and get told, ohhh it is cold there.

So in summation, you can keep your Sydney humidity, we have a burning log fire going at the moment and are happy here in the cold, because oh my it is beautiful.

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