The School of Lucy

We have a goose named Lucy. She apparently moved in of her own doing about a year before the previous

owners sold to us. She lives in the pond paddock and is very happy there.

She makes a big noise when strangers go down the driveway which makes her a great alarm. I have tried to get close to talk to her, we are working on it. She has edged closer to me but we are still working on the official hello.

A day or so after the big storms a few weeks ago, some wood ducks appeared in the paddock. We didn't think much of it, too worried that Lucy made it through the storm ok. Apparently, the wood ducks are here to stay and it seems that Lucy is very happy about it!

Watching them interact is wonderful, she is like a mother goose pardon the pun! I also liken her to a school teacher. She kind of rounds them up and leads them around, keeping them all together and making loud Lucy noises if they stray too far, and then come straight back. It is so lovely to see. She always seemed happy in the pond, she could have left any time, but maybe she was lonely? So now question, do we get another goose, or do we put our chickens down there?

But for now we are happy knowing that Lucy is happy running her little school of wood ducks each day. And that makes me smile :)

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