Hi, I'm from Sydney...sorry?

Well just one of them and his dad. Seems flash flood debris is a good opening line.

They seems great. The other neighbours are not there at the moment as their house is pretty much a right off after the flood and they are in temporary accommodation. Yep we totally got off with it lightly.

Anyway it occurred to me when they asked where we were from that every time I get asked that, and it is a lot at the moment, I want to say sorry after I say Sydney.

Maybe it has something to do with the housing crisis here, sorry to take a house away from an islander? They always ask if we bought or rent - at least we didn't take away a scarce rental from someone. Maybe it is because it is said that the Tasmanian's are not loving the influx of the Mainlanders. To be fair, I have not yet experienced this. Everyone is super nice and many have come from the mainland at some point in the past 10 years.

But yeah it still feels very awkward. I am sure it is all in my head. People are lovely here!

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