Dear Pademelon - no mensa for you!

We have Pademelon on our property every day. I call them wallabies cause I am lazy but they are really Pademelon. Aren't they so super cute! Absolutely! But they are totally dumb it seems!

There are a lot that live in our bush paddock and they get spooked and jump into one of the other paddocks. The paddocks are all fenced so they freak out - 'Oh I can't get out! Oh no poor me I am trapped!' Well you got in genius!

So I nicely go and open the gate for them to get out. And this is just one example of many cases of them doing similar things, this just happened about 10 minutes ago. I open the gate and move away so that they are not scared. 'Oh a gate! A gate! Freedom' Hop hop hop SMASH head first into the open gate. 'Oh no, something hit me I mist run away' SMASH straight first into the fence beside the open gate. This repeats until finally they go up to the other side of the paddock and jump the fence.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen these creatures run straight into things, be it a tree or a fence etc.

There was one on our driveway when we first moved here, we drove up thinking it would run away, no, it just sat there, we parked right beside it and it continued to sit there.

These Pademelon are absolutely gorgeous creatures, they will never be invited to mensa though, but that is ok cause I like having them here. I just wish they didn't hurt themselves all the time!

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