Creature Feature - Tasmanian Hens

We seem to have a least 2 possibly more, groups / families of Tasmanian Hens living on our property. How we know? Well Tasmanian Hens fight for one thing and do these guys make a noise when they fight!

What are Tasmanian Hens? Well they are known either locally or just by the person that told us the story as Turbo Chickens. Why? Tasmanian Hens are flightless but can run up to 48km/h! Yep, seen that too! (but no record of actual kph)

They come right up to the house and eat our lawn, they are startled if we open the door but don't run too far. Lucy our Goose seems to have a few run ins with them but they live together ok.

There are more fun facts here but the highlights are:

- They live in groups of between 2 and 5 - another reason I know we have a few groups as we have around 10+ at least on the property at peak Turbo Chicken feeding times

- The Tasmanian nativehen has 14 separate calls, ranging from low grunts to high pitched alarm calls as well as a see-sawing duet performed in unison, rising to a crescendo of harsh screeching notes, It also calls at night. - yes, yes they do call at night, and fight at night.

- The eyes are bright red. - BRIGHT Red, like stare into your soul bright red.

I am not complaining about them, we love having them about and they are lovely to watch and get on with all the other birds and animals here so as long as that is the case, we are happy to have them, just don't turn your back on those beedy red eyes, they are totally creepy.

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