From Tree to Tummy

So in case you missed it, we harvested chestnuts from our tree the other day. Mum and I sat out the front going through them all and we got a few kg of chestnuts, it was very exciting!

When we got them we realised we had no idea what to do with them. We don't have a street vendor roasting machine like the last time I ate chestnuts from the side of the road in England.

So we consult the internet to see what to do with these lovely nuts because my first idea of Cashew Butter is out the window as my food processor is still in NSW with most of my belongings...but that is a whole other story.

Thanks to we learn the following - 'You need to remove the chestnuts from their skins by either boiling or roasting them. For both options, first make a small incision in the skin or you'll have a house full of chestnut shrapnel as they will explode. If cooking over an open fire, keep one whole as when this explodes you know the others are done (not a method for the overly house proud!).'

Slightly terrifying! So we did what they said cause we have no time to replace the oven due to chestnut shrapnel.

So this was the result, beyond yummy roasted chestnuts for lunch. And when you think they can't taste better, add a tiny bit of butter and cinnamon.

We still have a massive amount in the fridge (best way to store them is in the fridge in a plastic bag with some holes in it - look at me! Chestnut knowledge girl!).

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