A Gardening Adventure

I have grand plans for the paddocks and gardens here, so yesterday I had a bit of a walk around, planning it all out in my head and it suddenly hit me, this is going to be one massive job!

We have a paddock behind our house that we have designated as a veggie garden paddock. We want to design the garden correctly from the start so that we can have companion planting and a good rotation going, where each piece of land helps the land next to it. It is going to be huge, but fun.

Realisation - I need better boots! Gumboots here I come.

And then we get to the front garden... unfortunately, after going through just a small section of the front garden, I have realised it is comprised of a few trees and mainly just weeds.

So I did some investigation into the type of weeds we have.

Italian Arum - We were hoping this was not a weed as it is quite nice and a pretty ground cover but alas.

Not only is it a weed, it is poisonous too. Contact with this plant can cause skin irritation; eating any part of the plant can be fatal. It is also fatal for dogs to eat.

It is everywhere around the house, back yard and front. So today, I get out there and say good bye to our pretty weed.

Myosotis sylvatica - I am not 100% as there are no flowers on this but I think they are Forget Me Nots. If that is the case they are not really a weed exactly but they are spread around the garden like one, they are everywhere! They need to come out.

Beside the two above, we have many many other weeds around including blackberries which I am totally torn about!

I love blackberries! So yummy! I am super excited to have blackberries in my yard! In England we would go blackberry picking for the pie on Sunday lunch, get them from the side of the road when we were driving around, I love blackberries!

But they are a weed, and they are everywhere!

I am going to have to eliminate them in parts of the property, other parts of the property though even though they should not be there, I am keeping them so I can make my apple and blackberry pies.

So yes, I have lots of work to do, but how much fun is this going to be!

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