What plant is this?

A fun new game we are playing around the property, what plant is this? So I decided we will share here too.

Here is the beautiful tree in our front yard.

As you can see in the pic it drops a lot of pods and they are sharp!

They drop green and then turn brown as you can see in this picture.

By now I am sure some of you know what this is but we still had no idea so we consulted the Gardening Australia Flora Encyclopedia - a great book if you can get your hands on one.

And we did some more gathering. Note none of these were picked off the tree!

Have you guessed it yet? So it seems we have a Castanea sativa otherwise known as a Sweet Chestnut tree. Very exiting!

However, this tree can grow to a height of 20 - 35m unless it is a cultivar which means that it has been crossbred with other varieties. That is still quite terrifying in the front yard. It is doing ok at the moment at about 5m tall.

There are so many plants, trees, weeds and fun things around the property we are very excited to explore them all.

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