We Did It!

April 7th 2018, after many years of dreaming, we finally moved to Tasmania.

I can't remember when I first decided that I wanted to live in Tasmania, way before I had ever visited I know that. Looking at pictures just drew me to it, my first visit, I was sold. Well over 10 years after that visit, I finally got here with my amazing husband, son and mum.

It has been a very long process to get here that felt like it happened really quickly. Despite the hell of the past few weeks, 1 week in and I have no regrets and there is certainly no looking back.

We have wallabies visiting us, Tasmanian Hens everywhere and a goose named Lucy. So much to learn. A family from the suburbs in Sydney finding themselves in a 5 acre farmland. Fish out of water with a tonne of excitement and lots of books to help us!

This blog is our journey, hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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